Nature apps

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Nature apps

Nature gives us lots to marvel at! It provokes many questions that need at least as many answers. On smartphones and tablets, you can have a look at some of the more complex natural phenomena in a simple and comprehensible manner. For example, with the King Laurin app, the phenomenon of the ‘Alpine glow’ that gave rise to the legend of Laurin is explained. According to legend, Laurin, the Dwarf King, had a wonderful garden full of red roses in the group of mountains called the Rosengarten. Now, the saga may be experienced with the ‘King Laurin’s World’ app. There is also a themed ski piste on the slopes of the Rosengarten where the whole family can ski between the main characters of the app. Do you have a story that you would like to tell to promote a region or a tourist service or your product? Or are you looking for a story to tell? Then get in touch with us.



  • Content Marketing service
  • B2B business model
  • Spiegazione di fenomeni naturali
  • Explanation of natural phenomena
  • Learning and researching with fun
  • Music and atmospheric sound effects
  • Professional speakers
  • Multilingual version