South Tyrol nature app by IDM Südtirol

South Tyrol nature app by IDM Südtirol


This app is now available only as a online version here.

An app about nature in South Tyrol

Mysterious traces from the glacial era, spiders with eight eyes that zoom in and out, and bonsai trees in the high mountains: this app lets you experience the natural world of South Tyrol from a brand new perspective.This app gives hikers and nature-lovers the chance to hike, relax and experience the natural world. You don’t have to keep glancing at the display of your smartphone, because the app automatically sends a message as soon as there’s something interesting to discover coming up.

The Alpine landscape and nature of South Tyrol may be discovered and explored on five tours of varying degrees of difficulty. Prepared in a comprehensible manner and enhanced with photos, graphics and videos, snippets of knowledge take a look at interesting facts concerning flora, fauna and geology of real local relevance.

This app was available in English, German and Italian from the App Store and on Google Play.

In conjunction with

The editing and concept for this app for IDM Südtirol / Alto Adige has been managed by us together
with the Natural History Museum of South Tyrol.



Developed for adults
from 17 years of age

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Written for ease of understanding
of scientific content


Pictures and videos
Macro, total and detail shots


Graphic design
Specially-produced graphics

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The contents are clarified and explained
by means of visual elements


English, German and Italian