Languages and travel apps

Languages and travel

With our apps, new dimensions open up to you while travelling, and learning other languages becomes easy and entertaining. We can transform the content of classic internet or print formats into apps that are both digital and interactive. It doesn’t matter which materials you wish to exploit: we will be happy to help and find the ideal solution for you.

Tourists can enjoy a whole new way of travelling. They do not just have access to interesting facts and town maps, but can experience their destination in a multi-sensory manner by means of atmospheric sounds and animated pictures.

Anyone learning a new language can practise anywhere and at any time on their smartphone or tablet and have fun doing it. The learning apps in quiz format developed by us provide an entertaining look at language and make learning fun.

Features of travel apps

  • Interactive experience for all the senses
  • Atmospheric sounds
  • Visual elements
  • Intuitive menu
  • User-friendly navigation
  • Language extensions possible at any time
  • For use at home or on the spot

Features of language apps

  • A fun way of learning even difficult subject matter
  • May be used everywhere and at any time on a smartphone
  • Language quizzes make for lots of fun
  • Intuitive menu
  • User-friendly navigation